Some of the most popular ways to tie a scarf for men, and women in the winter, or strictly for fashion!


How to tie a scarf by How to tie!

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Looking to know how to tie a scarf? Read on… There are many tips and suggestions on this page. So, we invite you to scroll down and glance all the different topics to save you time by seeing what particular topics interest you.

There are many popular scarf tying styles. Are you wearing your scarf for looks, wearing it for warmth or both? This can effect how you wish to tie your scarf. For looks see the women fashion section below.

Your scarf can be a complimentary accessory that enhances your personal style in a very creative and inexpensive way. Whether you are here to learn how to tie a silk scarf around your neck, or how to tie a scarf around your head, you will find what you need on this page below!


headscarf-1What is a scarf? A scarf is simply a piece of fabric one wears around their neck, head or waist for fashion or to keep warm. Also in certain religions it is appropriate to wear scarves, usually around the head (called a headscarf) like in the image on the right.

Are a man or woman looking for simplicity or style? See here some of the most popular scarf tying methods for men and women, head, neck and waist.

[Video 0:39 seconds] First we have two of the most popular ways to tie a scarf for men or women for style or winter:

[Video 2:04 seconds] Second, we have gathered 3 more of the most popular ways to tie a scarf for men or women:

How to tie a scarf for women:

1) Click the link below for your 1:37 second video on how to tie to popular knots for women with a small silk scarf.

Triangle knot and monotic knot

2) Here are some great tips on wearing a square scarf for women.

Women tend to wear more of the choker style or compliment their scarves with a scarf pin, crystal broach or ring.

3) Ways to wear pashmina for fashion. Click here.

4) Four fashionable ways to wear a rectangular silk scarf. See here

5) How to tie a scarf around your waist. See here

[Video 2:24 seconds] 5 great tips on how to tie a scarf around your neck for men or women:

*Note – Some ways to tie a scarf are predominantly for women, however pretty much any way a man wears a scarf a woman could also wear it that way…

This video shows us how to tie our scarves in five different ways: Fake knot, Twice around ascot, slip knot, wrap around, and the four in hand knot.

[Video 1:30 second] How to tie a scarf around your head:

So, there you have it! Some of the most popular ways to tie a scarf for men, and women in the winter, or strictly for fashion. Remember, these are simply guidelines. Once you have gotten familiar with your scarf styles you can simply get creative and start improvising and creating your own amazing ways to wear your scarf!

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them down below.

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1) How to turn your scarf into a sexy shirt

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See How to tie an African head scarf here

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