Tie a Bow

Learn how to tie a bow the easy way!

Tie a Bow


How to tie a bow – This page is is a resource for you!

Tying a bow can be a tiring process of trial and error. This page is an attempt to help smooth the learning curve for creative enthusiasts.

When it comes to gift giving nothing can be more heartfelt than putting a little personal flavor, creativity and color into your offering. It is that added attention that really shows you care, and brings a warm smile to those around you.


Some common reasons for tying bows includes and is not limited to:
tie-a-bowGift wrappin
Hair bows
Creative cards
Wedding boquet and corsages
and many other creative uses…

Okay, lets get started. Below are some basic guidelines on how to tie a bow.



[Video 2:49 seconds] How to wrap with fabric ribbon


[Video 6:25 seconds] Great ribbon tying tutorial using a card as your example:

[Video 2:49 seconds] How to tie floral bows, for arranging flowers.

We hope you enjoy this resource on how to tie bows. This is a growing resource for you. If you have questions comments or additions please comment freely in the comments section below.

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